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Loose wire underfloor heating

Heating cable
Loose cable
Ezewarm heat mat
Ezewarm, heated floors are designed for ceramic or stone tiles

Electric undertile mats

Under tile heating cable

undertile heating


Floor Thermostat

touchscreen thermostat

Programmable thermostat

  • "I initially questioned what I might get for such a cracking price. I was pleasantly surprised. These mats offered the best adhesion that I have found, considering I probably install UFH cables under 60-70% of the floors I install, I can make many comparisons."

    Andrew O'Sullivan - AOS Tiling

  • "I think you've got an excellent product at the right price! I found it very easy to use I was impressed, I've used a few systems in my time!!;, Ezewarm is what I'll be using from now on."

    Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Ltd

  • "I found Ezewarm to be the best taped mat, I've ever fitted. The mat itself was nice and soft and pliable. The cables are incredibly thin, soft and flexible and my customer is very happy with the touch screen stat also. "

    Mark Ellam - Imperial Tiling

  • "Ezewarm ufh is specified as standard for all our pourable concrete products, purely down to quality and backup criteria, pricing was a secondary factor for us. We also like the fact the wire is only 2mm thin and the fact it's made in Ireland and not the far east for a change!" Dave Carr

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Loose wire & Touchscreen stat From £99.98

under floor heating loose wire

Ufh mats 150w/m2 & Touchscreen stat

under floor heating mats

Ufh mats 160w/m2 & Touchscreen stat

ezemat matting kit

Ufh mats 200w/m2 & Touchscreen stat

ezewarm ezemat heated mat

Underfloor heat mats 150watt from £29.99

under floor mats

Underfloor heat mats 160w/m2 from £54.99

ezewarm electric under floor warm floor matting

Underfloor heat mats 200w/m2 mat from £54.99

ezewarm elctric under floor warming mats for use in your home

Under floor Thermostat - Manual on/off £14.99

Under floor Thermostat - Digital £29.99

Under floor Thermostat - Touch screen £44.99

Under floor Thermostat - Touchscreen £44.99